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About SalesAssist

Sales Assist is a distribution management service (DMS) provider that helps companies to manage their resources efficiently and effectively. Our team of experts works closely with the clients to provide solutions as per emerging needs. Our commitment to technology innovation has enabled us to grow all over the World.

  • Complete Control Over the Pricing
  • Robust Schemes & Claims Engine.
  • Resource Utilization & Traceability
  • Handling Multi-Principle Workflows
  • Simplify the Complex Workflows
  • Integrates available for SAP and ERP

Challenges for CPG Companies in
Retail Trade

  • Complex Workflows
  • Resource Optimization
  • Multi Principle
  • Inventory Issues i.e. Out of Stock
  • Lack of CXO Dashboard Reporting
  • Taxation Implementation
  • Lack of data integration
  • Promotions Management
  • Low distributor ROI

How Can SalesAssist Helps You?

SalesAssist - One complete solution, easily manage and streamline operations on a Single Platform.

  • Real time Monitoring / Analytics
  • Mobile App. Online and offline Supported
  • Customized Approval Hierarchy level
  • Schemes & Promotions Management
  • PJP Management
  • Complete Traceability Management
  • Claim Management
  • Market Return Handling
  • Planned vs Actual Route Monitoring.
  • Multi Principle Handling
  • Sales Order Management
  • User Role and Privileges Management
  • Customer Financial Management
  • Detailed Taxation Handling
  • Web Portal Offline Mode



Easily manage and streamline operations on a single platform.


Dedicated Support Team Coverage Across Pakistan

ServeX247 provides 24/7 technical support services to corporate clients facilitating their operations to run smoothly. Our team consists of the industry works closely with clients to adopt the emerging technical support needs in the industry. We work with our clients as a partner as we believe in growing together.


Our Products Eco System


01 Logistics

Manage and streamline your
operations from one platform.

02 Manufacturing

Automate the manufacturing

03 Secondary Sales

Sales & distribution management
solution to all your emerging needs.

04 Retail / E-Commerce

POS solution to track and streamline
your cash transaction.

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SalesAssist developed in top of the line technology stack